22 de mayo de 2008

When I meet God

De “When I meet God”, de Marillion:

“And if that girl is no solution, why did she feel so warm
And if to feel is no solution why do I feel
Why do I feel so tired
Why do I feel so broken
Why do I feel so outside
Why do I seem so blind
I'm so sick of feeling...it's ruined my life”

“I crawled around inside myself
It was a long way down
It was a mine and it was mine
And in the darkness I saw a perfect mirror
Floating in space”...

"When I meet God
I'm going to ask her
What makes her cry
What makes her laugh
Is she just stars and indigo gas
Does she know why
Love has no end"

"A perfect mirror
Floating in space
Waves and numbers
But oh, such beautiful numbers
And oh, such waves.."

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